Maria Bunyemen put forward her entrepreneurial, economic and leadership skills already as a seven-year-old when she started her first business making handcrafted jewelry. All the profits were granted by her to other children in need, fully in line with the vision and mission of that business.  


Clearsighted, decisive and ready to take strategic actions to move towards any set goals of hers she has been moving in her own flow, living the dream according to her beliefs, making sure that anything is possible. 

After living, and working, in California, Toronto, and Stockholm, to mention a few, she has moved back to her beautiful and dear hometown, the city of Lidköping by the lake Vänern in Sweden. While growing up she always dreamt of moving forward internationally while one day making her hometown her home base for business and living. 


And this is where she is now, realizing that dream by once again living in Lidköping and opening up the doors to others to come, shake hands, and make business with her through any of her four online firms within her newly started corporation group, which is all about value optimization and prosperity: Marias Golden Eagle Group AB. The iAO is one of them, and the other three players of value optimization are Liongate Properties, GMAConsulting and Joyride Publishing & Art Design

She has earned her Masters Degree of Science in Economics, studying for it in Sweden as well as in the USA. With her, she also brings many years of work experience to the table, such as working with International Cooperation Relations in Toronto Canada interacting with organizations such as Doctors without Borders and OXFAM.

For almost a decade she also worked in the Swedish Parliament with the State budget, the Swedish Economic Policies, advising leaders of the Treasury Committee as well as handling public relations; through national as well as local media.  


Ps. Her first book, Shake Your Moneymaker, on how to get richer with life is NOW AVAILABLE at www.shakeyourmoneymaker.se and www.booksandartstore.se 
She launched it through her own publishing firm, Joyride Publishing & Art Design, where she also makes some of her art available to the public. Not many years ago she namely decided to start painting and has since already held exhibitions in the Swedish Parliament and the Castle Stockholm.

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"All my life I have naturally been leading others. It is who I am, a true leader & entrepreneur.

I have coached & advised high ranked leaders for many years. Also, a former deputy

Prime Minister of Sweden has had my ears for a moment and been able to listen to me.

You can be next in line!

Looking forward to talking with you."



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